The aim of the program is to provide its participants with an in-depth understanding of the legal rules on migration and asylum adopted by the European Union and the specialised literature they generate. It will be of interest to all persons who wish to acquire a special knowledge of migration and asylum law, for instance EU or national civil servants, lawyers or judges, workers in NGOs, researchers and PhD students who frequently confront the complex legal dimension of immigration and asylum in their work. The program is organised by the “Odysseus Academic Network for Legal Studies on Migration and Asylum in Europe” that is one of the leading research and training organisation in EU migration and asylum law founded in 1999 with the support of the Odysseus program of the European Commission. It is coordinated by the Institute for European Studies of the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB).
The program provides the opportunity to live in a unique European environment, with professors coming from many different Member States as well as speakers from the EU institutions. The resort to online technology makes it easier to invite high-ranking or specialised guest speakers from all over Europe participating in distance lessons who would otherwise not have come to Brussels.

Participants will get acquainted with the EU migration and asylum law that they can follow daily via the twitter thread of the Odysseus Network and its weekly posts published on its blog. The program is also an opportunity to participate in an intellectually stimulating experience as part of a group of twenty participants specialising in migration and asylum with different backgrounds from all over Europe where internal and external networking is encouraged. Information about employment and traineeship prospects will be disseminated by the organisers.

On completing the master’s program, our graduates are distinguished among persons working in the area by their rare knowledge in migration and asylum law. They work for European institutions and agencies, international organisations like the IOM or ICMPD and NGOs like ECRE, migration law firms and national ministries for home affairs. This executive master has also enabled them to reorient their careers towards migration and asylum.


  • All courses on-site but also online

  • To acquire in-depth knowledge of EU migration & asylum law, Including the latest and most controversial developments

  • A program legally oriented but also accessible to non-jurists

  • Accessible to students but also professionals (courses on Friday evenings & Saturday mornings)

  • Professors from all Member States among the top specialists in this field, including practitioners from European Commission, Parliament and Council

  • Small group with interactive courses

  • The right place to build a professional network

  • Three modules: Introduction, Migration (including visas & borders), Asylum

  • Courses including theory and practical elements

  • Traineeship and research opportunities, including writing a blog post to be published on the Odysseus blog

A Network founded with the support of the European Commission

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