External Dimensions of European Migration and Asylum Law and Policy

External dimensionsBy Philippe De Bruycker, Marie-Claire Foblets and Marleen Maes

This volume presents a collection of perspectives on the asylum and migration issues that an evolving EU would face after ratification of the Lisbon Treaty in 2009, written by expert academics and practitioners. Their contributions provide insight into the dynamic relationship among the several external dimensions of EU asylum and migration policy. The volume will help the reader to explore these issues while situating them within the broader ongoing discourse, which is described in the introductory chapter. The volume continues by addressing the general legal framework, more concretely the relationship between international law, human rights and EU asylum and migration policy as well as the role played by the European Court of Justice in this relationship. A subsequent section lays down the broader framework of EU external competences with regard to asylum and migration policy and also discusses recent difficulties that have arisen in the distribution of competences between EU and Member States, more specifically with regard to visa policy, readmission policy and bilateral agreements between Member States and third countries. The following sections turn toward the operation of “instruments of externalization”, from mobility partnerships to migration profiles and from regional protection programmes to elements of EU external border control. The last sections of the volume analyse various aspects of an emergent EU (economic)immigration legislation and the link between migration and development.

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