Costas Papadimitriou

3,  Didotou Str, Athens, GreecePapadimitriou
Tel. : (30) 2103619115
Fax : (30) 3640361
E-mail : k.papadimitriou@parliament.gr

Professor Costas Papadimitriou is a lawyer specialised in Labour Law, European Labour Law, Free movement of European citizens and comparative aliens law.
He is teaching and researching in those fields at the University of Athens.

He is member of the Department of Studies of the Greek Parliament (1994-2003). Main responsibility is previewing and qualifying bills through reports submitted to the Parliament.

Since 1992 he is Mediator-Arbitrator of the Organism of Mediation and Arbitration of Collective Labour Law disputes.

He is also national expert for different institutions (European Labour Law Network, Free Movement of Workers Network, Odysseus Network).

His most recent and important publications include:


– INDIVIDUAL LABOUR LAW, Den Publishers, 2011, Athens,  (collaboration with G. Leventis in Greek).
– THE TEMPORARY AGENCY WORK Ant. N. Sakkoulas Publishers, Athens 2007,  (in Greek).
– LABOUR  UNIONS AND THE CIVIL PROCEDURAL LAW. Ant. N. Sakkoulas Publishers, Athens 1998, (in Greek).
– THE SETTLEMENT OF COLLECTIVE LABOUR DISPUTES (1992)., Ant. N. Sakkoulas Publishers, Athens 1992, (in Greek).
– NEW TECHNOLOGY, WORK AND LABOUR LAW , Ant. N. Sakkoulas Publishers, Athens 1987, (in Greek).

 Articles and Chapters

– The access to work of third country national family members in Greece, in Volume honoris causa Ant. Antampasis, 2013 (in Greek)
– Risques psychosociaux au travail. L’esquisse d’encadrement par le droit grec. in  Risques psychosociaux au – travail. Etude comparé Espagne, Grèce, Italie, Portugal (sous la direction de L. Lerouge), L’Harmattan, 2009.
– The Social Clauses and the Liberalization of International Commerce,  LABOUR LAW  BULLETIN  ( 1998), (in Greek).
– L’ ordre public dans les relations du travail, Travaux de l’Association Henri Capitant, t.  XLIX, 1998.
– The aliens and the work relation,  National Report to  Journées Luxembourgeoises  26-29 May 1997 of Association Henri Capitant des amis de la Culture juridique francaise, L.G.D.J., 1997, Paris (in French)

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