Erna Blöndal

University of Iceland
Department of Law
ekb_mynd Sæmundargata 2, 101 Reykjavík
Website: http://english.hi.is/
Email: ekb2@hi.is 

The Nordic Institute for Migration
Website: http://www.nordicmigrationinstitute.org/
Email: nim@nordicmigrationinstitute.org
+354 – 893 3762

Short Bio:

For the past few years Erna has worked as the project manager for asylum matters at the ministry of Interior as well as acting as the legal expert for a intra-political parliamentary committee that wrote the new Icelandic legislation on foreigners. Currently she is directing the Nordic Institute for Migration, a interdisciplinary law and policy institute engaged in research and policy development in the areas of migration, border control, cooperation with third countries, asylum and integration. She is also an appointed a member of the Icelandic Immigration and Asylum Appeals Board. Erna is working on her PhD research at the University of Iceland and is funded by the University of Iceland Research Fund and the Icelandic Research Fund Centre of Excellence on Mobilities and Transnational Iceland. The research concerns the concept of vulnerability in International and European law.

Main Publications:

The Dublin System for Determining Responsibility for Examining an Asylum Claim and the Application of Article 3 (2) of the Dublin Regulation, The Icelandic Law Journal, Reykjavik, 04/2010

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