Neza Kogovsek Salamon

Peace Instituteneza
Institute for Contemporary Social and Political Studies
Metelkova 6
1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Tel: + 386 1 234  77 20



Neza Kogovsek Salamon is a researcher and Director of the Peace Institute. Her tasks are management, finance, human resources, fundraising, coordination of work process. She is involved in legal research, advocacy, teaching and training. Her fields of research interests are international law, fundamental rights, citizenship, non-discrimination, asylum, migration law.

Currently she is working on projects:

  • National Integration Evaluation Mechanisms (2016-2021), funded by Polish Ministry of Interior – AMIF.
  • Crim-migration between Human Rights and Surveillance, basic research project (2016-2018), funded by Slovenian Research Agency.
  • Fundamental Rights of Citizens and Foreigners in the EU, post-doctoral research project (2014-2016), funded by Slovenian Research Agency.
  • European Network of Legal Experts for Anti-Discrimination Issues (2008-2013), coordinated by Human European Consultancy, funded by EC (network member representing Slovenia).

Selected Publications on Asylum and Migration:

  • Asylum Systems in the Western balkans: Current Issues, International Migration (2016), doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.1111/imig.12273.
  • Slovenia (Migration law, Suppl. 2 (September 2011)). Alphen aan den Rijn: Kluwer Law International (2011).
  • A Comparative Study of the Laws in the 25 EU Member States for Legal Immigration Including an Assessment of the Conditions and Formalities Imposed by member States for Newcomers, Chapter: Slovenia, Study for the International Organization for Migration (2008)

Selected Publications on Citizenship:

  • Erased: Citizenship, Residence Rights and the Constitution in Slovenia, Peter Lang (2016).
  • Brezdržavljanskost v Sloveniji [Statelessness in Slovenia]. Dve domovini, no. 39 (2014), pp. 7-18 (coauthor with Veronika Bajt).
  • Erasure and (Un)Constitutional Democracy (Izbris in (ne)ustavna demokracija), Ljubljana, GV založba (2012).
  • A Study and Comparison of National Legislation in Slovenia and International Standards Related to Statelessness, UNHCR (2012).
  • Erasure as a violation of legally protected human rights, in: The Scars of the Erasure. A Contribution to the critical understanding of the erasure from the register of permanent residents of the Republic of Slovenia, Peace Institute (2011).

Selected Publications on Anti-discrimination:

  • The rights of same-sex partners on referendum in Slovenia: minority rights on public vote. Diritto pubblico comparato ed europeo, 2013, no. 4, pp. 1236-1254.
  • Traits of Homophobia in Slovenian Law: From Ignorance towards Recognition? In: Confronting Homophobia in Europe, Hart Publishing (2012).
  • Annual Report on Measures to Combat Discrimination, Directives 2000/43/EC and 2000/78/EC, Country report: Slovenia (2007-2013), written for the European Network of Legal Experts in the Anti-discrimination Field.
  • The End of Rule of Law: Legal and Sociological Analysis of the Resettlement of Roma from Ambrus (Konec pravne države: pravna in sociološka analiza preselitve Romov iz Ambrusa), Report on Intolerance Monitoring (2006), no. 5, pp. 84–95 (co-author with Jasminka Dedić).
  • Klopčič V., Habjan V., Pezdir T., Kogovšek N., Country Study Slovenia, in: Jaichand, Sembacher, Starl (eds.): Anti-discrimination for the Judiciary, Neuer Vissenschaflicher Verlag, Graz (2006).
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