Vigdis Vevstad

tel: + 47 41618159Vigdis Vevstad

She is a Lawyer with expertise in international public law (refugee law, human rights law, immigration law in the EU and Norway).
Her work experience includes consultancy and research activities focus mainly on migration and asylum issues and human rights. Work includes commissioned research, contributing and writing of reports and books, teaching and supervision of university level students. Work also includes seminar and conference management, giving lectures and arranging courses. Present and previous consultancy and research engagements include work for  UNHCR,  EU-institutions, Universities of Oslo, Bergen and Reykjavik, Norwegian Directorate of Immigration, Norwegian Immigration Appeals Board, Ministry of Justice and Public Security, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Oslo Centre for Peace and Human Rights, Various National Red Cross/Re Crescent Societies, Norwegian People’s Aid, etc.

She is a Member of the Board of the Norwegian Organisation for Asylum Seekers (NOAS), Associated Researcher at the Institute for Social Research, Oslo and she has a cooperation Agreement with the Universities of Oslo and Reykjavik.

Her most recent publications include the following:

  • ”Grensekontroll og flyktningers rettigheter” (Border Control and Refugee Rights) in ”Krimmigrasjon” (2013), Nicolay B. Johansen, Thomas Ugelvik og Katja Aas (red.), Universitetsforlaget. In Norwegian only
  • ”Felles yttergrense og felles europeisk asylsystem” og ”Dublin-samarbeidet”(Common external border control and the Dublin-cooperation) in Lærebok i utlendingsrett (2013), Øyvind Øyen (ed.), Universitetsforlaget. In Norwegian only
  • ”Vergehåndboka” (Handbook for Representatives of Unaccompanied Minor Asylum Seekers) (2012), with Trygve G. Nordby, Norsk Folkehjelp. In Norwegian only
  • ”Sårbare asylsøkere i mottak – identifisering og oppfølging” (Vulnerable Asylum Seekers – Identification and Follow-up)  with Nora Sveaass og Jan-Paul Brekke  in ”Asylsøker i velferdsstatens venterom” (2012), (Marko Valenta og Berit Berg (red.), Universitetsforlaget. In Norwegian only
  • ”Utlendingsloven Kommentarutgave” (The Norwegian Immigration Act. A Commentary), editor and author, (2010), Universitetsforlaget. In Norwegian only
  • ”Refugee Protection: A European Challenge”, (1998), Tano Aschehoug.
  • ”Normative European Jurisprudence in a Refugee and Migration Context”, (med Charlotte Mysen), ISF report 2010.
  • The Dublin chapters in ”Setting up a Common European Asylum System” assisting Francesco Maiani for the Civil Rights Committee, EU-Parliament, (2010).
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