New Paper and New Book on International Migration Law by the Swiss Member of the Odysseus Network Vincent Chetail

The Swiss member of the Odysseus Network, Vincent Chetail, has published a new paper entitled “Conceptualizing International Migration Law”, which provides a concise mapping of international migration law. It revisits the movement of persons across borders through the sources of international law with the view of conceptualizing international migration law and highlighting both the unity and diversity of this growing field. You can find this publication here.

Vincent Chetail also edited a new book entitled “International Law and Migration”, which takes stock of the important legal scholarship devoted to the multifaceted impact of international law on migration. It highlights the great diversity of the legal literature and provides a representative and didactic mapping of the key issues and rules at stake. The selected papers explore the core notions of movement, sovereignty and globalization. They also examine the complex and conflicting issues raised by alienage, citizenship and the rule of law as well as the main controversies surrounding the legal protection of migrant workers and refugees in contemporary international law.

The introduction, written by Vincent Chetail and highlighting the main elements of the book, can be found here.


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