Odysseus Dutch Member Thomas Spijkerboer new article on the Journal of Refugee Studies

Bifurcation of people, bifurcation of law: externalization of migration policy before the EU Court of Justice

Journal of Refugee Studies Vol. 31, No. 2 .

Thomas Spijkerboer, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Abstract: In the past 25 years, European migration policy has been externalized, resulting in a bifurcation of human movement. This has become clearly visible in the context of Syrian refugees. In two judgments, the EU Court of Justice was confronted with cases challenging the exclusion of Syrian refugees from Europe. This article seeks to analyse these judgments in the context of the broader developments in European migration law and policy. The core analysis developed here is that the bifurcation of human movement is reflected in a bifurcation of law. Excluded people are to be excluded not merely from European territory, but also from European law. Keywords: externalization, European Union, humanitarian visa, EU-Turkey statement

Available here.

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