Reforming the Common European Asylum System: The New European Refugee Law

Edited by Vincent Chetail, Philippe De Bruycker and Francesco Maiani.

Table of contents

Part I Introduction

  • Chapter 1 The Common European Asylum System: Bric-à-brac or System? Vincent Chetail;
  • Chapter 2 The Complex Relationship of Asylum and Border Controls in the European Union Elspeth Guild;
  • Chapter 3 Negotiating the Second Generation of the Common European Asylum System Instruments: A Chronicle Patricia Van De Peer;

Part II The Dublin Regulation

  • Chapter 4 The Dublin III Regulation: A New Legal Framework for a More Humane System? Francesco Maiani;
  • Chapter 5 Family Unity and Family Reunification in the Dublin System:
    Still Utopia or Already Reality? Ulrike Brandl;
  • Chapter 6 The Dublin System, Solidarity and Individual Rights Madeline Garlick;

Part III The Qualification Directive

  • Chapter 7 Piecemeal Engineering: The Recast of the Rules on Qualification for International Protection Hemme Battjes;
  • Chapter 8 Refugee Status and Subsidiary Protection:
    Towards a Uniform Content of International Protection? Céline Bauloz & Géraldine Ruiz;

Part IV The Reception Conditions Directive

  • Chapter 9 The European Union Reception Conditions: A Dignified Standard of Living for Asylum Seekers? Evangelia (Lilian) Tsourdi;
  • Chapter 10 Reception Conditions as Human Rights:
    Pan-European Standard or Systemic Deficiencies? Jens Vedsted-Hansen;
  • Chapter 11 Vulnerable Persons as a New Sub-Group of Asylum Seekers? Lyra Jakuleviciene;

Part V The Asylum Procedures Directive

  • Chapter 12 The Recast Asylum Procedures Directive 2013/32/EU:
    Caught between the Stereotypes of the Abusive Asylum-Seeker and the Vulnerable Refugee Cathryn Costello & Emily Hancox;
  • Chapter 13 Legal Aid for Applicants for International ProtectionBarbara Mikołajczyk;

Part VI Conclusion

  • Chapter 14 Building the Common European Asylum System beyond Legislative Harmonisation: Practical Cooperation, Solidarity and External Dimension Philippe De Bruycker & Evangelia (Lilian) Tsourdi;

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