Solidarity with Refugees

Scholarships for Refugees at the 2016 Summer School 



The Odysseus Network plans to welcome refugee students to its upcoming 16th Annual Summer School.


This initiative is conceived as a response to the current asylum situation in Europe, and aims to provide a number of refugees with an opportunity to gain knowledge in the field of European immigration and asylum law. It intends to help refugees integrate in Europe, notably by allowing them to engage with European academics and eventually continue their studies. Their participation in the Summer School will also constitute an important opportunity to integrate the perspectives of refugees into the policy and legal discussions surrounding asylum and migration, thereby enriching the experiences of all participants.

With adequate support, we would hope to welcome approximately 20 individuals who have recently been been granted refugee or subsidiary protection status.


To meet the participation criteria, applicants must:

  • be beneficiaries of international protection in any European State. Preference may be given to recently recognised beneficiaries of international protection (recognised in 2014-2016);
  • hold an MA, or at least a BA or equivalent in Law or a related discipline;
  • speak and understand either English or French.

Support this initiative

The project entails costs which the Odysseus Network cannot cover alone as the Summer School is entirely self-financed and does not benefit from any financial support other than the fees paid by the participants.

In order to ensure the success of this initiative, we are seeking support from various sources, including sponsoring. We are seeking the support of the university community at the ULB, asking both staff and students to offer free accommodation to the refugees during the summer school. The university itself accepted to cover the cost of lunch at the canteen. The Josefa Foundation has already kindly committed to support the project by hosting four refugees for the duration of the Summer School.

A crowdfunding campaign has been launched and we hope that your support will allow at least one student refugee to attend the Summer School.
Please donate here.

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