The Tampere conclusions adopted by the European Council in October 1999 under the Finnish Presidency deeply influenced EU migration & asylum policies. This conference, more than celebrating their 20th anniversary, will explore upcoming developments: a new strategic agenda to be adopted by the European Council; a renewed Parliament and Commission with new policy priorities following the European elections; and a five-year programme (2020-2024) including migration and asylum policies that should also be adopted by the European Council.

EMN Finland, the Odysseus Academic Network and the European Policy Centre (EPC) organise this event to provide ideas and suggestions for the five-year programme mentioned above. A call for contributions has been launched to fuel the five preparatory workshops in charge of drafting papers to be discussed at the conference. A final document will be presented after the conference to the EU institutions, and to the Member States for discussion. The conference follows the structure of the Tampere conclusions as following:

Workshops will leave ample time for a discussion with participants. High-level speakers, policy makers, stakeholders and academics from all over Europe will figure among the speakers.  High level speakers such as Director General of the IOM Antonio Vitorino, UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi, Executive Director of EASO Nina Gregori and ICMPD Director General Michael Spindelegger have confirmed their participation. High level representatives of EU institutions and Agencies, Member States, NGOs as well as leading academics will participate.

There will be a range of workshops attended by stakeholders and policy makers from Europe as well as other parts of the world to bring their diverse points of view to the table. Workshops will be introduced by top specialists in their field. The results of the conference will be shared widely including with the EU institutions and Member States who may take them into consideration in their further discussions.

The conference has now its own website where registration is open! All the details related to the registration, the venue  and accommodation can be found on the conference website.

In order to receive information and updates, you can confirm your interest by sending an email to tampere2.0conference@gmail.com.



In order to provide food for thought in the conference, the Odysseus Network, the EMN-Finland and the European Policy Centre (EPC) and the Friedrich Naumann Foundation launch a call for contributions. Five preparatory workshops gathering policy makers and stakeholders from all horizons and academia will be organised in Brussels in June 2019 to review the draft papers that will be discussed in the conference. The topics of these preparatory workshops follow the program of the conference (see the five workshops above), the human rights of migrants being a transversal concern:

All interested institutions (ministries, agencies, regions, cities,…) and organisations (NGOs, trade unions, international organisations, political parties, research centers, companies,…) from the public or private sector as well as individuals (members of Parliament, academics, consultants, advisers,… ) can contribute to these preparatory workshops by sending policy proposals regarding the future of EU migration and asylum policies.


  • The contribution should provide a policy proposal regarding the future of EU migration and asylum policies, defined as precisely as possible and accompanied by an explanation about their added value;
  • The contribution should be written (preferably in English) in an official EU language and should be maximum 2 pages long, single-spaced text formatted with the Calibri font, size 12;
  • The contribution must be presented on the form that can be downloaded here. Once you have duly completed the form, please save it on your computer as a PDF and send it before 10 May 2019 by email to tampere2.0conference@gmail.com
  • If you have more than one proposal please indicate this clearly in the “title” and “content” canvas provided in the form that can be downloaded here.
  • Recent and already published papers or reports, and which include recommendations, are also welcome and should be sent as an attachment by email to tampere2.0conference@gmail.comIn this case, there is no need to complete the form;
  • Please note that the organisers will invite some authors of contributions to take the floor in the workshop panels in the conference.
  • Please note the PDF form must merely be downloaded and not opened in a different format as this will disturb the text. Please send us an email in the event of any technical problems.

The workshops are organised with the kind Support
of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation (FNF)



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