Vincent Chetail and Francesco Maiani members of the Odysseus Network for Switzerland will be presenting in Lausanne at the conference: Comparative Migration Law : Methodological Challenges and Future Horizons

The aim of the conference is to take stock of the current comparative migration law scholarship, and chart a path for future research. The conference will be looking at the uses and purposes of comparison in migration law and discuss different methodological approaches.

It will bring together scholars in migration law, including refugee law, as well as scholars in comparative law and from other disciplines
to provide insights on how legal scholars can best value add to the type of work they are undertaking.

The conference will be held on the 4th December 2019 at the Institut suisse de droit comparé, Dorigny CH-1015 Lausanne.

You can find more information and register for the event at: https://www.isdc.ch/media/1821/programme_flyer.pdf

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